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Workouts for week of July 23rd

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Complete all three workouts this week

Workout 1:

Warm-up: Swim 300, kick 200, pull 200, swim 100

Main Set:  6 x 100 (rest 15 sec b/t each set)

Rest for 2 min and then 4 x 50 @ 90% effort (rest 1 min b/t intervals)

Cool Down:  200 easy

Workout 2:

Warm-up:  Swim 200, drill for 200, swim 200

Main Set:  descending ladders of 500, 400, 300, 200, 100.  Start off a little faster than warm-up effort and increase effort with each set.  Rest  30 sec b/t each reps.

Cool Down:  100 easy

Workout 3 (dry land workout):   Complete this workout before you long bike ride

20 Jump Squats

20 Push-ups

20 Alternating lunges (20/per leg)

20 Sit-ups

20 Side lunges (20/per leg)

20 Push-ups

20 Regular Squats

20 Sit-ups


Complete either 1 interval or 1 threshold workout.   Complete the long ride workout

Workout 1 (interval):

Warm-up: Ride easy for 10 min

Main Set:  20 x 10 sec all out sprint  (2 min active recovery b/t sets)

Ride at 70% effort for 10 min

Cool Down: 5 min easy spinning

Workout 2 (Threshold):

Warm-up: Ride easy for 15 min

Main Set:  2 x  20  min at 80% effort (2 min active recovery b/t intervals)

Cool Down: 10 min easy ride

Workout 3 (Long):

First complete the dry land swim workout #3 and then

Ride for 2-3 hours at a moderate effort


Complete at least 1 interval or tempo.  Complete the long workout

Workout 1 (Interval):

Warm-up: Run easy  for 1-2 miles

Main Set:  8 x 400 (each 400 should be 15-30 sec faster than 5k pace)

Cool Down: 1 mile easy

Workout 2 (Tempo):

Warm-up: Run easy for 1-2 miles

Main Set:  2 miles at threshold pace (choose a pace that you can hold for the distance and just under your race pace)

Cool Down: 1 mile easy

Workout 3(Long):

Long Run: Run 8-10  miles at your target marathon pace ( this pace is about 30-45 sec. slower than your tempo pace)



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